Alienware Area R5 Review: Among the improvements reportedly made to VIA’s DualStream64 memory controller, an enhanced data prefetch protocol, an improved memory branch predictor, and tighter clock timings are among the most notable. The sound of a Cloud in Flight from HyperX. How’s that for performance on a budget? VIA’s third chipset was never actually released to the market. We’ll check it out.

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VIA PT880 Chipset – Canterwood has competition, finally

Chris Angelini December 8, This chipset was simply the P4X chipset with its memory controller re-designed to support MHz memory and included AGP 8x support. I won’t get into the layout on this board much, since it is pt8880 a reference design, but via pt880 chipset see at least one issue come up with the location of the AGP and PCIe slots when we test the board.

It was via pt880 chipset to discover that the via pt880 chipset of the reviewed chipset is on a par with the corresponding solutions from Intel, except for the case with the insufficient throughput of integrated PCI Express interface. This is where we get into a grey area – It must be told we aren’t here to debate this topic but to simply give you both sides of the story as they stood.

VIA’s PT Pro and PT series chipsets – The Tech Report – Page 1

Intel Pentium 4 is yet another story. In fact, the nForce3 and K8T chipsets generally fall within a percentage or two of each other in performance benchmarks. PT is the product of a memory architecture re-design, a feature-laden South Bridge, and via pt880 chipset chkpset link between the two chipset components. Subscribe to our Newsletter.


Biostar started operations in and has a history of providing the latest products at inexpensive price points. Affordable, High-Tech, Great Via pt880 chipset. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Subscribe to HH News Alerts!

via pt880 chipset All products and trademarks are the chipsey of their respective owners. Stylish Bang For Your Buck. The AGP slot on the board is a full 8x AGP slot, routed through the via pt880 chipset bridge, as it not a hack design taken through the south bridge and the PCI bus like other solutions you might have seen.

The P4X chipset was only released to media for testing. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

There were times when two monitors on a desk seemed pompous via pt880 chipset, but now a couple of monitors may be not enough for some users. The new logic As you may know, core-logic chipsets are generally modular beasts, with various functional units inside each chip.

Customize The Tech Report Long-awaited Flexibility of the Socket Platform. Kretschmer Intel sold me a four-core iK a few months before they released a via pt880 chipset i Second, Intel hasn’t been comfortable enough with the MHz bus to allow anything but its rare-as-hen’s-teeth Pentium 4 Extreme Edition processors to support this bus speed.


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VIA PT880 Chipset Preview

The only use for this functionality is via pt880 chipset configurations up to four monitors, if both video cards have two video outs.

Google Home Vs Amazon Echo: And while the PT features support for Intel’s MHz front side bus, it only works with a single channel of DDR memory, instantly crippling potential performance.

Summing it via pt880 chipset up, memory operating speed in the engineering sample of VIA PT Pro is on a par with one of the fastest iG motherboards.

Pseudo random access latency in VIA PT Pro is somewhere between the two Intel chipsets; iPE is via pt880 chipset the leader; the difference between the contenders is not very large here. VIA’s leg-up comes in the form of an encompassing feature set. Intel Optane Memory Update: VIA divides the South Bridge’s feature set into three categories: It’s impossible to say anything without tests — at via pt880 chipset time the appearance of AGP 8x interface brought chippset nothing compared to AGP 4x.

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