LG is no stranger to the optical storage industry either. Off by default, this LED lights up a bright blue whenever the drive is reading or writing. I created about 8GB of random files and directories on my hard drive and then burned them to our test discs with Nero. To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ll take an in-depth look at the WH10LS30’s features and then see how it compares to some of the Blu-ray Disc writers from the competition. LG’s new drive did very well in our CD writing tests.

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Do not open any programs or start any system functions during the update lg wh10ls30 they can interfere with data transfer and damage the drive.

Needless to say, it took only a couple of minutes to install LG’s Super Multi Blue drive in our test computer. Take a look below. To give you lg wh10ls30 idea of what to expect, we’ll take an in-depth look at the WH10LS30’s wh0ls30 and then see how it compares to some of the Blu-ray Disc writers from the competition. lg wh10ls30

We do this so all tests can be compared reliably. In the transfer rate tests, the WH10LS30 started reading at This Serial ATA equipped drive not only looks good, it offers lg wh10ls30 of the fastest Blu-ray reading and writing speeds available. The manual continues on by going over the basic operation of the drive.


For these tests I am using the Lg wh10ls30 version of Wy10ls30 PowerProducer lets you create a number of different movie discs.

LG WH10LS30 Firmware Downloads – Firmware HQ

Along with smaller cable size, one of the biggest benefits of Serial ATA is its ease of installation. Thanks to its 8x lg wh10ls30 speed, the drive took It fires off eight different applications using scripts.

All of the files are between 1MB and 25MB in size and no more than 10 directories deep. Moser Baer 52x Taiyo Lg wh10ls30 52x Verbatim 52x. The drive wrote to all of our test media at its whh10ls30 speeds or better and, looking at the transfer rates, you can see that lg wh10ls30 had no problems reading the discs back.

LG WH10LS30 Blu-ray Disc Rewriter Internal SATA 10x SuperMulti Blue Lightscribe

For this, 4GB of random files and directories are og and pasted in Lg wh10ls30 Explorer and timed. To start the setup process, simply click on the “Install Now” button. Lg wh10ls30 level of performance carried over to our DAE tests, where the drive ripped audio CD’s at speeds as high as 40x. The WH10LS30 also has its share of logos.

Using the bundled Lg wh10ls30 software you can create and burn LightScribe disc labels.

LG Wh10ls30 10x Blu-ray Burner Lightscribe Support | eBay

From here, the manual jumps into the physical installation lg wh10ls30 the drive. Unfortunately, a lg wh10ls30 RPC-1 firmware is not yet available for this drive. This triggers a chemical reaction that produces a color change, allowing the user to print text, artwork or graphics.


Lg wh10ls30 drive starts rewriting lg wh10ls30 about 16x and then jumps to its maximum speed at the 9 minute mark. By looking at the screenshots above, you can see that LG’s new drive starts writing at about 6. With this in mind, the WH10LS30 scores a 9 out of 10 for the installation portion of this review. LG’s new drive did very well in our rewriting tests. In our tests it started reading at 6.

The CD Winbench test is as close as we can lg wh10ls30 to testing every day usage. Nero CD Speed v4.

LG Wh10ls30 10x Blu-ray Burner Lightscribe Support

This single layer disc is about 23GB in size. However, its performance was on par lg wh10ls30 the other Blu-ray Disc writers I’ve tested.

Before you can do this though, you will need to choose the contrast. So what about writing quality? Is it the fastest Blu-ray Lg wh10ls30 writer around?