Our previous tests showed that the Balanced mode is quite enough. The Application mode with anisotropic filtering enabled is very GPU-hungry. Which yielded the following results: Summary This card is not the best card out there, my recommendation is to buy a radeon pro or even a geforce FX ultra. The remainder of the 3 year warranty is provided directly by ASUS.

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Intel Pentium 4 2. Asus’s V Ultra graphics card is the latest high performance graphics card from this leading Taiwanese hardware manufacturer.

ASUS V | TechPowerUp GPU Database

The cooler is attached with 2 bolts and 4 clips assus the edges of the copper plate near the memory chips.

However, the memory needs to be cooled anyway even with such a copper heatsink without external air-cooling asus v9900 heatsink heating exceeds asus v9900 pain barrier.

VSync off in drivers, texture compression off in asus v9900. Which yielded the following results: Product Videos [ Edit ].

Antec Minuet Case Review. Things change when we engage 4x FSAA to improve quality.

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Please check with your B2B sales representative for specific terms and details. We prefer the alignment of the molex socket on the V Ultra as asus v9900 involves less stretching of cables. Power Protection Products Review. Looking at the back the current trend of large surface area heat sinks is continued asus v9900 the Ultra card having almost twice as much coverage. The device consists of a copper plate and a turbine cooler attached above, the fan of which pumps air through the tubular radiator.


Total war where asus v9900 Ti struggles in larger battles. Lorrie S- Jul 29, 03, 11 Replies.

Radeon R9 Series 5. Performance of the GeForce FX triples that of the GeForce Ti, allowing the V to inspire asus v9900 new level of creativity for graphics designers and enhance PC users’ digital experience. For sales or specific product related questions, please send message to receive the fastest response. Tip asus v9900 Review Flag this Review 0. If you discover one defective bright dot within 30 days of purchase, Asus v9900 will replace the panel at no cost.

Pros Very few if no strengths. But the difference vanishes adus as the angle approaches 45 degrees. Those who tend to play strategy games and think they do not need 3D power should look at games like Medieval: Here we asus v9900 see that any of the three cards are quite capable of handling this benchmark.


When hardware gets down to business thinkpad l yoga. Here are the manufacturers specifications: Nvidia would have been a ashs better off with having just an intake or asus v9900 exhaust but not both. Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by NCIX. Here is the processor hidden under the cooler. The architectural improvements since the GeForce4 are so obvious the V Ultra is actually three and a half times faster than the Ti but less than two percent below the NV35 asus v9900.

Read All 4 Member Reviews. Testbed and drivers Testbed: Standard settings asus v9900 used but 4x FSAA was selected from the display settings rather than the applications to ensure it was active.

Actual product may not be exactly as shown.